optimal_hearing_assessmentComprehensive Audiological Assessment

We offer a full suite of assessments designed to give the best indication of hearing levels, cause of hearing loss and suitability for rehabilitation or hearing aids. Or assessments include a comprehensive history and goal setting, otoscopy (including video), pure tone audiometry, speech audiometry, tympanometry and interpretation of results with corresponding advice. A full report is available for your GP or specialist following assessment.

Workplace assessment

We address mandatory industrial requirements to determine hearing levels and deterioration if applicable. We can provide further comprehensive audiological assessment should an employee so require this due to significantly deteriorated hearing levels since the last assessment. Full reports are provided.

School based assessments

Designed for school children in Kinder or Prep, Optimal Hearing can be engaged to screen all children in your school for hearing loss at an early stage, leading to appropriate recommendations and referrals to ensure optimal learning opportunities for your students.
The assessment incorporates otoscopy, pure tone audiometry (both air conduction and bone conduction) and tympanometry, followed by a full report and further recommendations if necessary. Please contact us further details and to arrange a screening session for your school.

optimal_hearing_productHearing aid provision, fitting and service

Optimal Hearing is proud of its independence and ability to source hearing aids from every supplier in Australia. Unlike most other providers, we have no particular affiliations. This allows us the flexibility to choose what is right for you, rather than being forced to supply from a limited selection of hearing aids that may not be suitble for your needs.
We supply hearing aids from Starkey, Bernafon, GNResound, Oticon, Phonak, Siemens, Sonic Innovations, Unitron and Widex as the leading manufacturers today, and can source aids from any other supplier, should so request.
We are proficient in the products of all manufacturers and their fitting software, and are able to finely tune your hearing aids to best match your hearing loss. We choose your hearing aids based on your particular circumstances, as some brands lean towards greater listening comfort at the expense of absolute clarity, while others hold clarity paramount. Some brands are exceptionally easy to program and service, while others are more complex but have far greater scope for sound and feature adjustment. Your individual circumstances, environment and history will help us to determine which hearing aid is best suited to you.
We are able to service all hearing aids, for programming (whether supplied through us or another provider), as well as physical adjustment or repair. Some repairs are done in-house, while more complex repairs may need to be sent by next day courier to the manufacturer. VIP repairs are typically returned to you within 2-4 days, subject to a small charge. Normal repairs may take up to 7 days.

optimal_hearing_waxWax Removal

Optimal Hearing are specialists in ear wax removal. We are one of the only audiologists to use special suction to remove cerumen (earwax), and the only one to do this at your residence. It is arguably the most effective and comfortable method of cleaning your ears.

Custom earplugs

We provide a wide variety of custom earplugs. These include noise plugs for noisy working environments, shooting, motor racing and motorcycles, swim plugs and music plugs for both casual and professional musicians (with a variety of acoustic filters or drivers for exceptional fidelity). Once again, contact us for an appointment and we will come to you.